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Sutter Trailer Sales

Sutter Trailers is an account that I inherited from another rep at Mid-West. They already had a good thing going with their radio campaign, so I didn't need to reinvent the wheel with this one. With the reputation of being the largest and best trailer dealer in SW Missouri, maintaining their branding campaign was not difficult. Anyone who knows owners Bill Sutter and Mark Love, knows how hard they've worked to make Sutter Trailers the success they are today. I've enjoyed getting to know Bill, Mark and Tina, and of course, the famous girl on the radio ads- Taylor Love. 

Client / 

Sutter Trailer Sales

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Account Executive


Medium / 

Mid-West Family Broadcasting


Year / 

2015- present



The star of the iconic Sutter Trailer commercials is owner (Mark) and office manager (Tina's) daughter- Taylor Love. Since she was just knee-high to a grasshopper, Taylor has been riding horses. I will never forget the first time I met Taylor- I could not believe how petite she was! At the age of 5 Taylor started barrel racing, and it was around the 5th grade that she began doing rodeos. She is currently a senior and is studying to go into the medical field 

We've changed things up over the years, as far as adding new digital, sponsorship and event marketing elements to their branding campaign, but the most noticeable difference that Mark saw was when we incorporated our influencer endorsement campaigns. John Kimmons on 105.1 The Bull and Mike Holmes on 104.7 are both currently endorsing Sutter Trailers on their radio stations.


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