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Solera Energy, LLC is the largest provider of renewable energy in the state of Missouri. In my time at Solera, I have been able to learn new areas of marketing that I had never really explored; such as building a street team for canvassing, video creation, and web development. It's been great challenging myself to grow my portfolio, serving as the Director of Marketing, and an invaluable experience I will never forget.  Solera is very successful at what they do, and it has been my pleasure to watch this company grow and play a part in building their brand. 

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Solera Energy, LLC


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Director of Marketing


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wired for success

Director of Sales and Operating Partner, Will Cox, has led the charge for this Springfield-owned solar company. His passion for helping customers, and dedication to his family (both personal and work) has played a large part in the success of Solera. With a talented team of professionals beside him, Will and the crew at Solera have no plans of letting off the gas, making their brand known as the largest residential, commercial and utility-scale solar company in Missouri and NW Arkansas.

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Solera Install Team

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