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I first met Estate Planning Attorney Matt Schmidt through a networking group that we attend in Springfield. After hearing about the services that we offer through MWF, Matt wanted to talk to me about help with their SEO. After doing a little uncovering, I quickly realized that they needed more than help with their SEO. Matt's father, Attorney John Schmidt, has been with the practice for over 40 years. Matt graduated from the University of Missouri School of Law in 2017 and began to practice with his father the same year. John built his career and reputation by word-of-mouth advertising and referrals. Matt would now need to build a reputation and book of business of his own. I suggested a couple of methods for branding the practice, and Matt and I have been friends ever since. 

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Schmidt, Kirby & Sullivan


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Account Exective


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Mid-West Family


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Radio Gets Results

Along with their video message in their OTT/CTV campaign, we decided to give their brand an extra boost by combining "Influencer Marketing" endorsements with John Kimmons on 105.1 The Bull, and a branding schedule of regular :60 commercials on the same station. With a frequency of 3 on a 21x52 schedule, paired with the power of local influence, the Schmidt's were able to see results almost right away. As someone who has had personal experiences with estate plans from the passing of both his parents, John is a passionate advocate for the mission and is well educated in the process and able to explain to his loyal listeners, from personal experience, how important it is to have an estate plan in place. John is also a client of Schmidt, Kirby and Sullivan and gets to work with the guys first-hand.

I am excited to get to be a part of watching this team grow their business and brand themselves in the community.


With a very specific demographic of people that the Schmidt's are targeting, it was a good fit to run an OTT/CTV campaign. OTT stands for Over the Top and refers to content that is served directly to viewers via the internet. It bypasses cable, broadcast, and satellite platforms. CTV (or Connected TV) is the device the content is delivered through, such as X Box, PlayStation, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more. With a solid strategy, a creative message, and the tools to put that message in front of their perfect customer, their marketing is off to a great start!

Coming up with the creative for their campaign was easy- as a father/son team of attorneys is fairly unique, and with the solid foundation John has built, coupled with the vision and innovation Matt brings to the table- they make for a great story! I have gotten to know these two gentlemen and they are very professional, successful, and just great people in general. The kind of attorneys you'd trust with your family's estate planning.

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