• Kris Standiford

Fun for everyone (not just golfers)

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Backwoods Golf- Brookline, Mo.

Saydel High School in Des Moines Iowa (where I was born and raised) did not offer golf when I attended, back in the late 90's. If we'd had a golf team, I'm not going to lie, I probably would not have been on it. My sports were softball and tennis, and in my junior high years- basketball and volleyball. When I think about why I never wanted to learn the game of golf, I think it's because I thought it looked too difficult. I am a pretty competitive person- if I don't think I can win, I tend to sit it out (which explains why I don't bowl.)

The first experience I ever had swinging a club was at a Top Golf in Miami, Florida in 2019. Surprisingly, I wasn't that bad! My softball swing helped me to at least get the ball off the ground. I really loved the entire experience- it didn't matter that I wasn't very good. Since then, I have been to the Top Golf [in Kansas City] twice, and back in May, I stumbled onto a new, local place- Backwoods Golf, in Brookline, Missouri. It's very similar to a Top Golf in most ways- in fact, they even use the same software program (TopTracer) according to Backwoods owner, Austin Cloud. Unlike the Top Golf multi-level facilities, Backwoods currently has one level, with a total of 28 individual bays. Each bay seats 4, comfortably. In my opinion, all of the fun you get from the Top Golf experience, you can have at Backwoods, and at a much more affordable price.

Their menu is pretty full- you can get anything from wings and burgers, to wraps and salads, and appetizers like pretzel bites, and chips and queso. They also have an extensive drink menu to choose from. Our personal favorites are their very unique french fries, and their boneless wings.

When we usually go, it's with another couple and we make it a fun date-night. But last weekend, I decided to make it a family-night and bring out my two sons, ages 10 and 14. Neither had played before and they both, along with Jared and I, had a total blast! It was nice to see my boys off the couch and away from the video games. At first they were a little frustrated, especially my youngest, Tyson, because he wasn't able to make contact. But once he did, you could see a total shift in his confidence and he was really having a great time! We ate dinner while we golfed, and stayed almost 3 hours- the longest I have ever been. It was hard getting the boys to leave, we were all having so much fun. I made a promise to them that we would be coming back, and Tyson asked if he could come out on a weeknight with my boyfriend Jared sometime, so he could work on his swing with him.

A few of the other things that Backwoods offers that are pretty cool, are; individual lessons, corporate memberships with access to their executive meeting room, weekday special pricing, heated bays, extended lunchtime hours Tuesday-Sunday, and even special events- such as their family Halloween night that they held on October 31st. So, whether you're looking to work on your personal game- for serious golfers, or just want a fun date-night, or even a night out with the family, I HIGHLY recommend Backwoods Golf, in Brookline- it's not just for serious golfers.

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