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(Former Bumsteads) in Nixa impresses

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The Collective- Eclectic Eatery

It was a rare drive for me down Main St. in Nixa that September afternoon, when I looked over at the long-time abandoned building, just south of CC Hwy, and thought- oh finally, a new restaurant! The interesting name caught my attention right away- The Collective- Eclectic Eatery.

I had visited the once-popular Bumsteads Bar and Grill in that location just once before they closed, and then again when the German-style restaurant Edelweiss took over, just a few years ago. I was always impressed with the layout of the building, and even more so with the concert-style, beer garden venue out back. So when I saw that someone was breathing new life into this establishment, I got excited!

The first thing I noticed was the large, spinning road sign as I pulled in last Friday to give the new Nixa restaurant a try. The layout was familiar as I walked in, but the décor and vibe was anything but. Completely remodeled, walking in reminded me of something like a modern collective/antique store. The Boiler Room, to the left, was where we were seated. You will understand why it's called the Boiler Room when you visit. This room has everything- the bar, the booths, table-tops, pinball games, and music. Fun for adults and kids, alike.

I had a conversation with the manager, Denise Colehour, about what makes The Collective unique (besides the obvious décor). One of the things that sets the Collective apart is the quality of the food. Serving American fare, you are sure to find something for everyone- from BBQ, hand-cut steaks, hand-breaded tenderloins, and homemade desserts. I ordered the tenderloin sandwich (pictured above) and my son Tyson (10) had a steak burger with fries, and Carter (14) had the chicken-fried-chicken sandwich and mashed potatoes- which were clearly fresh (not instant) and so delicious! I could tell the difference in the tenderloin, from other frozen versions. It was juicy and flavorful and very large! If you leave The Collective hungry, you didn't order a meal!

We had such a good experience, between the great service and delicious food, that I couldn't wait to return with some friends the following night! They were just as impressed as I was the night before, and bragged about the food, as we passed around plates so that we could each try a little bit of everything. Among the delicious bites I got to taste, and can now personally recommend- was the burnt ends, fried catfish, ribeye, sweet potato fries and baked beans. After dinner and drinks (and a little friendly pinball tournament) we walked out into the back to check out the beer garden/concert venue. Everyone agreed that we will be looking forward to checking out some live music in the near future, and having a drink at the silo bar- located outside, to the left. Between the food and the cool atmosphere, this is sure to be one of our new go-to

hangouts- family or date night.

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