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My Dentist-Springfield

When I started working with Dr. Mark Melson of My Dentist Springfield, My first instinct was to advertise him on our country station, 105.1 The Bull. Most dental decisions are made by the women of the house, right? I figured it was a clear home run. The doctor [personally] does not favor country music, and when I would stop in to see how things were going, the front office gal would tell me that the doc was struggling listening to the music on the office speaker, because he really just did not care for it. Normally I would advise the client, in this situation, that you have to fish with the bait that the fish eat, not hamburgers and pizza. I decided to do a timeout call and sit down with the doctor and dig a little bit deeper into who he is. I am so glad I did!

After talking with Dr. Melson for a good hour or so and finding out what really makes him tick, I uncovered a deep love that he had for classic rock music. Oddly enough, we happen to have a classic rock station at Mid-West Family called 104.7 The Cave. The doc knew it well, in fact it was his favorite! He talked about how much he liked on-air talent Jay Stevens, who stars in a Bon Jovi tribute band, as well as a local favorite called Machine Gun Symphony. When I got these two together they were like two kids in a candy store! The doc would go on and on with his rock trivia and Jay would bust out into a cover song of the group he was talking about. And so, "The Doc That Rocks" was born! We immediately moved his advertising over to The Cave and the rest is history.

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My Dentist

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Account Executive


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Mid-West Family Broadcasting


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2014 - present

"Not a day goes by that I don't have someone recognize me and say- hey, you're the Doc that Rocks!"

"Our sales were up 10% the first year we advertised on The Cave, and 15% the second!"

-Dr. Mark Melson

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Doc and Jay

"My Dentist, the Doc that Rocks!!"

When we decided to put My Dentist on 104.7 The Cave, we realized that no other dentists were targeting the older, male demographic, which left the "ladder" for dentists wide open in the minds of that demographic. With Jay and The Doc telling classic rock stories and entertaining the listeners week after week, this has become a very popular commercial segment on The Cave, and very popular with The Doc's customers- who often discuss the stories with him when they come in.

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Staff at My Dentist and Jay Stevens