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Senior Account Executive/ Visual Digital Marketing Specialist

Mid-West Family


In August of 2013, I came to Mid-West Family with little-to-no marketing experience, ready to find a career and my forever home. All of my success, experiences, education, and training that I have received, has been 100% because of my time at this remarkable company. Locally owned by it's shareholder employees, Mid-West is not just a broadcast company, unlike any other in the area, it is a marketing company that happens to own 4 radio stations- 92.9 The Beat, 105.1 The Bull, Q102, and Springfield's broadcast home of the Kansas City Chiefs- 104.7 The Cave. New to the stations in 2021, 105.1 The Bull is now proudly partnering with The St Louis Cardinals! Just a few of the products and services that I can offer through MWF are detailed below. 


Mid-West Family Broadcasting


Role / 

Creative Director

Senior Strategist


Broadcast Radio/ Digital


Year / 

2013 - present


One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to be the Creative Director. Whether it's copywriting, graphic design, or video creation, I can make your imagination come to life! Not only do I get to help my clients with their creative, I also have the joy of creating content for Mid-West Family!


From OTT/CTV video advertising, to website explainer videos and even social media ads, I can offer both animated and real videos.

Radio Show

Broadcast Radio

Intrusive media is still the #1 way to brand a business. Radio is a great medium to use because most people have the radio on in the background while doing other things (such as driving) and it brainwashes your message into their minds, without them even realizing it! Can you hum the tune to the Oscar Mayer Wiener song? How about McDonald's? State Farm? We use techniques such as Sonic Branding to help your customer retain your message and gain mental real estate before they even need your products or services! 




What better way to tell your story than to have some of the most influential voices on the airwaves singing your praises and telling all of their followers and fans how much they love your products/services? Mike the Intern on 104.7 The Cave is just one of many local DJ's that we use to drive business to our clients- and it works! All of my clients at MWF that have used endorsements have seen growth in their business and love their DJ's! 

Graphic Designer Working

Digital Marketing

Mid-West Family offers a diverse portfolio of digital products, including:

  • Digital Audio Streaming

  • Social Media Management/Advertising

  • Targeted Display


Through products such as targeted display and OTT/CTV, we are able to get your business in front of ONLY the people you want to reach and that are a perfect customer for you! Based off of online behaviors, we are able to not only narrow down your ideal customer, but we can trace IP addresses and track results through geo-fencing your location and website traffic.