Kris Waterman

I started BrandChild because I absolutely LOVE marketing and advertising! Something I learned about myself in 2020, is that I need to be challenged. Pushed out of my comfort zone. Learning and conquering something new. Business strategy allows me to really utilize the creative side of my brain (and heart) and to do with it [what I love] more than anything- serving others. The growth and development of people is my purpose- and that starts with me. I know I wouldn't be who I am today without the help of some amazing people. Here is my support system:


My Savior, Jesus Christ

When I was 14 years old, kneeling at the altar at Capitol City Baptist Church in Des Moines, Iowa on a Wednesday night, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. He never gives up on us, and I am bathing in the grace of my Lord and Savior, stronger than ever. My family and I attend Life Church where we live in Springfield, Mo. I would love to hear about your journey in faith, if you'd ever like to share or visit my church with me. 


In April of 2021, I started a Women's Fellowship Group called WOVEN. It has always been my desire to lead a women's small group, and this has been a huge blessing to me so far!


4 years ago, I met a man that would change my life forever. He is my protector, provider, cheerleader, and best friend. I cannot thank God enough for bringing him into my life. Jared and I love to travel and have taken exciting vacations to Colorado, Panama, Aruba, The Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cabo, and look forward to many more! Over the years, Jared has played a crucial role in my success, bringing out the best version of me and believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. Jared and I got married in Punta Cana in June of 2021.


              My Family

I have 4 beautiful children; Callie-22, Emma-20, Carter-15, and Tyson-11.

They are the reason I do what I do. Not only do I help provide for them, but I want to teach them that if you work hard and go after your dreams, you can achieve whatever your heart desires. My parents; Jim and Linda, live in Iowa in an assisted living facility. I talk to my father almost everyday, and visit when I can. My parents were both hard workers, but I always remember looking up to my mom as a driver, and am thankful for the work ethic she instilled in me. 

The newest addition to the family is my first Grand-baby, Brylynn Nicole. She has made me a very happy Nonny, and is the most beautiful baby in the world!

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