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Bank of Little Rock Mortgage-Springfield

Working with Kent Kelso at Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Springfield has been a great experience! It started in 2014 when we brainstormed and came up with the branding identity, "Coach Kelso." I came up with the idea of nicknaming him "coach" because that's who he is, and that's what he does; he coaches people through the mortgage process. Kent is currently coaching me through my own home-buying experience and helping me with advice on things like how to raise my credit score, when the best time to buy a house is, and how much I can afford. Through the years it's been a pleasure getting to know Kent and his family, and I'm proud to say I have a friend in the mortgage business.

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Bank of Little Rock Mortgage


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Account Executive


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Mid-West Family Broadcasting


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2014 - present

Kent Kelso

Regional Manager Bank of Little Rock Mortgage

My job is to help people achieve their long and short range financial goals while carefully considering their payment, equity and objectives while maximizing their tax advantages. Working with approximately 5,000 customers successfully over the past 28 years helped me achieve the honor as a Top 50 FHA/VA/USDA Loan Officer in the nation. I can’t imagine doing this job anywhere else. I truly believe that Bank of Little Rock Mortgage is staffed by the best group of people — in the mortgage business or any business, for that matter.


Shoeboxes for Soldiers


105.1 The Bull Distributes Shoeboxes for Soldiers each holiday season!
Shoeboxes for Soldiers was founded by Rhonda Luttrell, the mother of a soldier during his first deployment to Afghanistan. Rhonda was soon packing and shipping care packages not only for her son, but to several troops as well. After a year of creating boxes filled with supplies, Rhonda decided to take the program to the next level and it was named “Shoeboxes for Soldiers”.
This is the fifth year that 105.1 The Bull has taken the lead and teamed up with local elementary schools to fill shoeboxes for soldiers during the holiday season. 
“The elementary kids and teachers really made a big difference for our soldiers this holiday season” said John Kimmons, Program Director at Mid-West Family Broadcast. “I am very proud of them for what they’ve done.” Kent and Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Springfield supports Shoeboxes for Soldiers, and in 2019 donated hundreds of items to help fill boxes for the soldiers.

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If you are looking to buy or refinance your home, you need to go see my friend, Coach Kelso, at Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Springfield!

Mike the Intern, 104.7 The Cave

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Real people, real results.

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